The ceremonial art of Henna or Mehendi originated in India and still holds great importance in all Indian celebrations.

Mujahid Hussain was born in 1984 in the City of Pearls - Hyderabad, India. It is no wonder that he was drawn to the art at a very young age, given that he was surrounded by many traditional arts in the aesthetic city of Hyderabad.

While India has many well-known Henna designers, Mujahid chose to teach himself and improvise until he mastered the art and continues to do so. Flourishing as an artist didn’t get in the way of his education; Mujahid currently holds double Master’s degree in Business Administration.

Mujahid’s exceptional professionalism and creative capabilities have led to associations and collaborations with many industry leaders and he has taught several students himself. He was invited to be the Lead Instructor at Henna Conference 2015 and Instructor at Spring Fling Henna Conference 2015. Also, regional media in India such as Siasat Daily and Telugu Daily Sakshi recently covered him.

In his own words, “Henna is not just an art form, to me it is the way of expression, way of life. I lend some beauty to ordinary things and in return they make my life forever more beautiful – this is the exchange that I strive for.”